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Giovanna Minenna


Giovanna Minenna, Owner



Giovanna Minnena Is a successful entrepreneur, who built a million dollar business, won Manitoba's Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award, and even got a deal on Dragon's Den for her own make-up product. After years of working too hard she faced extreme burnout and hospitalization not long after discovering she was pregnant with her daughter. She knew something needed to change. After her mat leave, when it was time to return online, to the entrepreneurial world, she was ready to reinvent herself - as the new women she had become - and tell her authentic story to help others that may be going through similar challenges and changes. This is where Emily, DA Brand Expert, came in. Giovanna and Emily worked together through many strategy sessions reorienting Giovanna's core brand to her authentic, powerful story, refocusing Giovanna's marketing efforts, and redesigning Giovanna's brand to reflect the elevated, fulfilled, wise, wholistic woman she had become.

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